Mission and Vision


We envision a community of empowered donors creating and implementing their inspired philanthropic plans.


We inspire and assist donors in creating and implementing their philanthropic legacy.


In 2011, Margaret May Damen, Lori Denison, and Richard Flah conspired to act on a grandiose idea.

They envisioned a philanthropic “network for good” fueled by highly regarded trust & estate attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, life insurance professionals, and non-profit leaders, all collaborating to raise the tide of philanthropy in our community.  This dream team of professionals would take three graduate-level courses on philanthropy together.

The mind and heart-stretching curriculum, developed by The American College, would serve as their launch pad to share practical wisdom and new ideas.  They would gain a deeper appreciation for philanthropy, viewed from several intentionally diverse perspectives. At the conclusion of the third course, they would emerge as Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy®(CAP®)  equipped with knowledge and tools to better help clients articulate and advance their highest aspirations for self, family and society.

In less than three weeks, the trio recruited a diverse group of 24 top planning professionals who shared their vision.

 “You’ll be the same in five years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read.” ~ Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones.

Key Initiatives

A year later, the Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy® study group remained united to further advance philanthropy in our local community selecting Michael L. Kohner as its founding President and placing priority on four key initiatives:

  1. Form “Advisors for Philanthropic Impact”, a non-profit entity comprised of sought-after trusted advisors to both the community’s highest capacity philanthropic donors and local charitable organizations. API members put their ideals to work and serve their clients by helping them intentionally focus on their meaning, purpose and positive ​social impact.  Read more >> 
  2. Expand the network of thoughtful trusted advisors through the CAP study group experience. Learn more about CAP >> 
  3. Inspire a new generation of philanthropic leaders. Learn More >> 
  4. Act as consultants and a speaker bureau for local not-for-profit organizations
    to assist them in achieving their goals.

What Members Say

“Entering our CAP® program with modest expectations, I have been most impressed with the intellectual and emotional capital of our group in an effort to raise our own philanthropic capabilities and the awareness and collaboration of philanthropy in Palm Beach County … a very rewarding experience that is just beginning.”

Evan C. Deoul, Senior Managing Director   Bernstein 

“The CAP® study group experience is creating a unique group of talented charitable advisors to serve the Palm Beach community.  Donors and their organizations will benefit from the culture of creativity and compassion they are building.  Passion alone is insufficient. CAP® members will help define dreams and turn them into reality.”  

R. Marshall Jones, President
Jones Lowry

“Participating in the CAP® program has made me more conscious of the open-ended questions to pursue with clients to discover their passions and interests.  The program has also enlightened me with the importance of involving non-profit organizations when planning philanthropic goals with clients. The program exposed me to talented professionals in our community to share ideas with in pursuing philanthropic endeavors in our community.”
David A. Gart, Partner
Shutts & Bowen

“The CAP® group strikes a balance between idealistic, pragmatic and visionary goals for our community.  This group of professionals helped me envision a community in which we engage donors to choose not simply a “charity of choice” but reflect on how their legacy can align with and strengthen community benefit organizations.”

Allegra Asplundh-Smith, Chairman
Hands Across the Sea